Quarantine – EN

escape room
Escaping from a hospital? Who doesn’t want that? Especially when your life depends on it! A spacious, authentically decorated escape room where teamwork is very important! A very spacious escape room, but you do have 75 minutes to escape. Out-of-the-(pill)box thinking: 100%! The room is adjusted according to how many players there are and contains extra puzzles for larger groups.

A deadly epidemic is taking hold of the city. You are part of a group of doctors and patients in the Ostend Medical Center where Dr. F. Lee did research into a vaccine against the dangerous Mariba virus. According to his staff, Dr. Lee was about to break through with even a working serum or vaccine but strangely disappeared in the last hours before the evacuation. In order to control the spread of the virus, it was decided in the meantime to let the city burn down! Unfortunately, on suspicion of infection, you were “forgotten” at the closed Medical Center. Only a working vaccine can still give you free passage during the evacuation! Maybe Dr. Lee finally found the vaccine? Free yourself or your fellow players from the quarantine and help each other with your search through the Center. Can you find the vaccine and save yourself?

  • Players: 3 to 10 (14*)
  • Time: 75 minutes
  • Difficulty:
  • Language: NL / FRA / ENG

refter – EN

timescape escape room oostende quarantaine game refter

The Refectory
* With the Refectory, Quarantine can be played with at most 14 people. This is a small escape room WITHIN the escape room. The biggest group plays Quarantine, but 2 to 4 people have to find their way out of the refectory. And that is only possible with the help of Quarantine! Does the nursing staff succeed in their escape? Then they can play along with the rest of Quarantine… after completing their last task! Please note, the refectory is a small room, but has a lot of puzzles!
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Tijd: 75 minuten
  • Difficulty:
  • Language: Only available in Dutch!

Bunker Break-in: Battle Royal – EN

Battle Royale: Bunker Break-in
The Special Forces team is ready. Location: an illustrious country somewhere in Asia… Who: a general with megalomania… What: an ultimate attack on the West… Goal: saving the world from a nuclear disaster!

After a fierce battle, the bunker was partly captured where an insane general – with access to a large nuclear missile arsenal – entrenched himself. The general started a nuclear attack just before he died. Only he knew the code to stop the rockets but hid instructions in case he would forget them. Break into the heavily protected control center and crack the code in time to save the world from a nuclear disaster!

  • Players: 3 to 8
  • Time: 75 minutes
  • Difficulty:
  • Language: NL / FRA / ENG

Bookings not yet possible

Pop-up Escape – EN

Pop-up Escape!
One-off, themed escape rooms.

* Zondag 8 september 2019: ‘Hoogtij(d)!’ n.a.v. Openmonumentendag i.h.k.v. de klimaatverandering (Zeedijk Oostende, gratis, 15′, max. 6 pers., niet reserveren, van 10u tot 18u).

“De klimaatverandering heeft ons landschap en onze steden enorm doen veranderen. Oostende werd omringd met beschermende dijken. Een duizendjarige storm en springtij bedreigen die nieuwe stabiliteit en het water klotst al over de dijken! Het is slechts nog een kwestie van minuten voor de dijken helemaal overstromen en Oostende onder water komt te staan. De enige redding is het activeren van de grote waterpompen om het waterpeil in de stad zo laag mogelijk te houden. Helaas heeft de storm ook de elektriciteit doen uitvallen en enkel de noodgenerator tijdig in werking stellen kan het tij nog doen keren. Maar waar is die sleutel van de noodgenerator toch gebleven??”

  • 2 – 6 spelers
  • Tijd: 20 minuten
  • Moeilijkheid: